In 2019, the Tanglewood Summer Music Festival is presenting Die Waküre starring Christine Goerke.  In conjunction with the performances they are also presenting an immersion experience.  The following links will provide you with more information on both the performances and the immersion experience:

Tanglewood Performance
Wagner Immersion Weekend


The Toronto Wagner Society is only one of many Wagner Societies around the world that are dedicated to the works and life of Richard Wagner.

Each Society, while technically their own organization, do share a similar bond and if you are interested in what our organization is doing, you may wish to check out some of the other Wagner Societies, especially if you will be attending a performance of on of Wagner’s works:

Wagner Society of the United Kingdom

Richard Wagner Society of Germany 

Wagner Society of the Netherlands

Wagner Society of New York

Wagner Society of New Zealand

The Wagner Society of Northern California

The Richard Wagner Society of South Australia Inc.

The Friends of Bayreuth