Our Events


The Society is pleased to announce some upcoming meetings.


Our next meeting of the Toronto Wagner Society will take place virtually on Monday, January 23. Our speaker will be our own member and technical officer, Dr. Emilie Hurst. She has recently completed her Ph.D. degree at York University and will speak on two issues addressed in her dissertation: “The Wagner Cult and the Cultish Media” – what popular media can teach us about the so-called “cultish” tendencies of Wagner and “why we love Wagner so much”. The second part of her talk should include much discussion from our members. Emilie has been a member of our society for several years. She first came to us asking permission to interview our members as to their Wagnerian experiences and to answer such questions as “why do you love Wagner so much? What is there about Wagnerism that attracts you so much Why is there almost a cult of Wagner but not usually of other composers?


We are pleased to announce that Mr. Perryn Leech, the new director of the Canadian Opera Company will be with us on February 13 at 7.30 pm. Mr. Leech came to the COC in 2021 from the Houston Grand Opera where he was Managing Director. He has spent more than 35 years in the performing arts industry including both technical and administrative functions. He is very keen on “encouraging a collaborative and inclusive approach to increasing access to opera… including low cost ticket prices and new audiences.” He will be speaking to us on his future plans for encouraging these practices as well as his plans for the artistic future of the company.


We are in contact with several potential guests including Mathew Cairns, formerly a member of our COC ensemble and now a fellow at the Lindeman program in New York City.

Please check back shortly for more information about these meetings, including links to register for the meetings.